“Hi Judi,

I just wanted to thank you for assisting me in re-defining my look.  For years I had relied upon myself to do the shopping for myself and didn’t know there are better clothes out that would fit me better.  Most importantly, I didn’t realize that I just do not see myself the way world sees me.     

With your keen eye, you made me stand and carry myself in a manner that was my natural and proper style. With your experience you knew which brand of clothing would complement my natural style. I was hesitant at first, then I was shocked when I tried what you had suggested.  Shocked because I realized it after a very long time that it was possible for me to feel that comfortable.  

Being comfortable in my clothes was the first step before I started appearing that way to the world. I thought I was pretty comfortable with myself, but when I started wearing the new clothes, I realized how uncomfortable I had been and how inefficient my social interactions had become.

Thanks for opening my eyes to all of this.  I couldn’t have done it without you.”

  • Bill A, NYC

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