Feng Shui means “wind and water,” it is the Chinese philosophy of harmony to create an optimal life for people and their surroundings.

It’s origins date back to the ancient Chinese Imperial Government which consulted with Feng Shui grandmasters to establish building design and structures in alignment with environmental factors to positively affect the harmony, health, empowerment and prosperity of its occupants.

Judith Longo Feng Shui Scottsdale NYC

Judith Longo is a World Certified Feng Shui Consultant. First introduced to Feng Shui in Hong Kong, she was invited to study traditional Feng Shui with a Chinese Grandmaster. Her international training included studies in Switzerland, Austria, France, The Netherlands, Hong Kong and the US.

Judith works with the most powerful remedies and “cures” within home and office spaces, incorporating environmental factors such as landscape, location, design of the building, and front door placement in addition to very nuanced features of the space and flow of energy that affects the Qi or energy of a space. When Judith activates the energy of a home or business, her clients experience significant positive results in their career, finances, health, relationships, happiness and overall well being. Judi has lead many clients to revitalize the flow positive energy, productivity and success in their homes and businesses.

Judith’s Feng Shui practice has been featured by the New York Times

Please email judilongo88@gmail.com for information about rates and packages.