Personal Styling

Judith has always been an artist.  She grew up drawing and eventually earned her BFA from the Moore College of Art in Philadelphia. Judith has since led teams of fashion designers as well as researching trends throughout Europe for inspiration. She has a keen eye for matching personalities with clothing brands that flatter their unique qualities.

Judith believes it is not the specific clothes that make great fashion. Great fashion is achieved when the person wearing it feels great, and their confidence shines through.

It is about finding the radiance within, allowing that inner brilliance to shine brightly, and that is what true fashion achieves.

As a Personal Stylist and Image Consultant, Judith works with busy professionals, photographers, celebrities and real people alike, to create their best looks. If you want to look your best and would like professional insight on brands that fit you, trends that flatter your personality and creating your own personal style, Judith can be your personal fashion liaison. After 20 years in the fashion industry, Judith can work with any personal preference or body type to create looks to help you command the room in your moments that matter.