“I had the great pleasure and fortune of being introduced to Judi Longo through the recommendation of an executive coach. Judi is a true professional and a very talented stylist.   In the first meeting she went through all of my existing work clothes to assess what I had and help me create new looks with items I already owned. She paired jackets, dresses and jewelry together that I wouldn’t have thought went together and created new outfits that are now my most favorite to wear to work! Amazing! She also helped me organize my entire closet, which gave me more room and helped me keep track of everything.   

In the second phase, we met at the store where she had had clothes already picked out for me to try on. I have to admit that when the wheeled in the rack of clothing, I felt like I was in a movie! Ok, I just had to share that. I love the clothes Judi chose for me and I feel confident wearing them, which is the best feeling. In addition to her skills as a stylist, Judi is a lovely person and she made me feel so comfortable throughout the process. It has been a life-improving experience.”

  • Ann D. NYC

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