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Production Design

Commercial series: Cozie Gal

Written and directed by Bart BergfeldProduction design by Judith LongoThis commercial web series was produced for Cozie Gal, to promote the Cozie Cardi, a warm, professional wrap for women who spend 9-to-5 shivering in freezing offices.

Judith Longo Design Director

Fashion Design Director

Having earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Moore College of Art and Design, Judith Longo went on to become a celebrated fashion designer for top American brands including Nautica, Talbots and private label brands sold throughout the world. As Design Director, Judi has been very successful leading creative teams […]

Judith Longo Stylist Image Consultant Feng Shui Consultant


Judith has always been an artist.  She grew up drawing and eventually earned her BFA from the Moore College of Art in Philadelphia. Judith has since led teams of fashion designers as well as researching trends throughout Europe for inspiration. She has a keen eye for matching personalities with clothing […]


Testimonial: Bill A, NYC

“Hi Judi, I just wanted to thank you for assisting me in re-defining my look.  For years I had relied upon myself to do the shopping for myself and didn’t know there are better clothes out that would fit me better.  Most importantly, I didn’t realize that I just do […]


Testimonial: Ann D, NYC

“I had the great pleasure and fortune of being introduced to Judi Longo through the recommendation of an executive coach. Judi is a true professional and a very talented stylist.   In the first meeting she went through all of my existing work clothes to assess what I had and help […]


Just Label it! Conceal or Reveal National Campaign

At the Deepak Homebase nestled in the gorgeous ABC Carpet and Home off NYC’s Union Square, a group of people met to discuss Just Label It! Conceal or Reveal, a movement to make mandatory the labeling of GMO’s, so consumers can make better-informed choices about our food. Led by speakers Gary Hershberg, Jessica […]


Testimonial: Erin F, NYC

“Judi is just fabulous! I worked with her after seeing the amazing transformation of two friends. I really do not like shopping, or being the center of attention, so I was very reluctant. From our very first interaction, Judi was so easy and pleasant to work with. She really understands […]